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LuskinOIC CP Camp Group Pic at Ortho High

Empowering the Disability Community Together

Join us in supporting impactful organizations through the LuskinOIC Disability Consortium in partnership with UCLA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Areas of Support

Specialty Care

Provide specialty orthopaedic care to improve patient outcomes for people with disabilities

Adaptive Recreation

Showcase adaptive sports opportunities to increase the well-being of people with disabilites

Community Resources

Highlight community resources that promote equity to strengthen the disability community

Meet Our Patients

Patient outcomes are at the core of everything we do

Meet Scarlett

Scarlett was born with her twin brother via emergency C-section at 32 weeks. At 6 months old, Scarlett had a brain MRI which revealed Moderate Central Brain Atrophy. Scarlett was appointed to Dr. Rachel Thompson who not only treated her but also got to know her interests such as her dream of owning a bakery, her love for singing, and that her favorite princess is Aurora. Dr. Thompson did a bilateral reconstruction of the pelvis, hips, and knees. After a long and painful recovery, Scarlett states that “it was all worth it” and was grateful for Dr. Thompson and LuskinOIC.

Meet Ramses and Efrain

The LuskinOIC Disability Consortium drives inclusivity by facilitating access to recreational resources, education, and advocacy opportunities for positive outcomes in the disabled community.

The LuskinOIC Disability Consortium, in partnership with UCLA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is committed to increasing healthcare equity for people of all abilities in the Los Angeles community. As part of this commitment, we partner with impactful organizations to spotlight adaptive athletics, community resources, and educational opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve positive outcomes. Our partners are dedicated to promoting positive change and advancing the well-being of the disabled community in Los Angeles.

LuskinOIC Neurological Rehabilitation Center

Under the the direction of Christine Caron, DPT our pediatric orthopaedic rehabilitation center offers a comprehensive continuum of care using cutting edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to develop personalized rehabilitation plans to maximize your child's functional mobility and self sufficiency. Learn more about the LuskinOIC Pediatric Rehabilitation Center and schedule an appointment now!

Specialized Pediatric Rehabilitation Care: At LuskinOIC Pediatric Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center, our team is dedicated to helping your child heal and thrive. We focus on specialized care for children with disabilities, guiding their recovery, and educating both you and your child to prevent future injuries.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Positive Outcomes: At Our state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Center utilizes advanced technology, including reformer and CoreAlign equipment, an Alter G gravity eliminating treadmill, and a therapy suite, to ensure the best possible results for your child’s rehabilitation.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Approach: Our world-class rehabilitation treatment goes beyond muscle strength. We create a personalized plan for your child in collaboration with our medical staff, emphasizing function, coordination, and mobility. We are dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals and preventing recurring symptoms or injuries.

LuskinOIC Center for Cerebral Palsy

Dr. Rachel Thompson, a distinguished orthopaedic surgeon and renowned expert in pediatric orthopaedics, neuromuscular orthopaedics, and cerebral palsy, leads the way at the UCLA/LuskinOIC Center for Cerebral Palsy. With her exceptional expertise, she is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy. Learn more about our Center for Cerebral Palsy and book an appointment today!

Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Care: The Center for Cerebral Palsy at UCLA/LuskinOIC is a renowned institution dedicated to the treatment, research, and education of cerebral palsy. Our unique interdisciplinary approach encompasses early diagnosis, biomechanical assessments, and individualized treatment plans to improve motor function in children from childhood through adulthood. Patients and their families actively participate in treatment decisions.
Cutting-Edge Biomechanical Analysis: Our center provides access to the latest research and clinical trials in collaboration with UCLA Health. We offer state-of-the-art biomechanical assessments, including gait and motion analysis, strength and stiffness testing, and real-time muscle firing analysis. This data-driven approach ensures the most effective treatment interventions for children with cerebral palsy.
Tailored Cerebral Palsy Treatment: At the Center for Cerebral Palsy, we create personalized treatment plans designed to improve the quality of life, function, and independence of children with cerebral palsy. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists may incorporate therapies, surgical preparedness programs, orthopedic surgery, spasticity management, and even deep brain stimulation to address each child’s unique needs and challenges. Your child’s growth and well-being are our top priorities.

Adaptive Sports Calendar

Thrive Adaptive

Thrive Adaptive was conceived as an offshoot of the Prescription to Play Initiative within the UCLA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery as part of their effort to introduce their clinical professionals and medical students to adaptive athletics.

Thrive Adaptive built on this concept at UCLA and brodened the scope to provide first aid medical support to the largest adaptive sporting events in Southern California. Since June 2023, the volunteer led community has recruited more than 100 students and physicians to support Angel City Games, The US Open of Adaptive Surfing as well as Triumph and Life Rolls On Foundation.

Angel City Sports

Angel City Sports is a leading adaptive sports organization in Los Angeles that is spearheading the Paralympic movement in the region. With a mission to provide opportunities for disabled individuals to participate in sports and other recreational activities, Angel City Sports offers nearly 50 different programs throughout the year. These programs serve over 1,000 people with disabilities annually, catering to individuals of all ages and abilities. Through their comprehensive programs, Angel City Sports provides a supportive community that fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment for disabled individuals in Los Angeles. Their efforts have helped to drive inclusivity and

UCLA Adapted Athletics

LuskinOIC is a proud supporter of the UCLA Adaptive Sports Program. Currently the program offers competitive wheelchair tennis along with recreational dropins for tennis. and basketball. UCLA Adaptive Athletics is actively looking to grow student participation.

Triumph Foundation

Triumph Foundation’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder (SCI/D) by providing lifelong support, resources, and hope. They serve people of all backgrounds, including children, adults, and Veterans. Triumph has touched the lives of over 8,000 individuals with disabilities, provided over $1,000,000 in assistance to those in financial hardship, and performed dozens of accessible home remodels. They regularly hold 20+ adaptive recreation events annually, and visit 24 area hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout Southern California. Triumph has two full-time and six part-time staff members, 80 professionally trained Ambassadors, and a volunteer base of over 300.

Disability Rights Legal Center

Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is a 501C-3 non-profit, public interest advocacy organization that champions the civil rights of disabled people as well as those affected by cancer (CLRC). DRLC uses litigation, community advocacy, education, and resources to challenge discrimination, abuse and oppression of disabled people to beneficially impact society. The organization provides the highest quality legal representation and counseling to people with disabilities and those affected by cancer.

Inclusive Sol

Inclusive Sol is an online community and digital resource designed for families with children affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP). The platform provides support for parents and caregivers as they navigate caring for a child with a disability. Inclusive Sol’s vision is to build a community that explores how to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who may otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

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August 2-7

Summer Camp for Kids with Cerebral Palsy